Greenwood pastor pens guide on leadership

As scandal after scandal affected leaders of churches, governments and other neighborhood entities, a question emerged — why?

David Cook was a scholar at the time, engaged on his doctorate in management from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He famous how some people in energy maintained the course and grew in wisdom while others fell into abuse, deception, and immorality.

“I was bothered enough that it was why I went again to school to review management. I wished to understand it better,” he mentioned.

Cook, the senior pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Greenwood, has tried to reply those questions with a brand new guide, “Leading from the Foundation Up.” He and co-author Shane Parker have created a book targeted on Christian leadership philosophy and follow rooted in one thing: the fear of the Lord.

“It grew from the will to just see management get better within the West and in the church, simply the grief that individuals are having over leaders and Christian leaders who have fallen into scandal,” he stated. “Looking at that, I thought this could be an answer; this could help us build better leaders for the following generation.”

In addition to being the senior pastor at Calvary Baptist Church, Cook is an adjunct faculty member at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He obtained an master’s diploma in christian worship and a doctorate in leadership from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

During his doctorate work was where the muse for the book emerged. An project tasked him to study a biblical leader and advance the conversation on that leader. Cook selected King Saul, the wicked chief of Israel prior to King David.

“I tried to grasp if he had a basic flaw that contributed to how evil a king he was,” he said.

Cook discovered the answer within the guide of Deuteronomy chapter 17, where the very first thing a king was referred to as to do was study to fear God.

“It goes on to explain what a God-fearing king would appear to be, and it was the exact opposite of King Saul,” he said. “That fundamental flaw was his relationship with God.”

The concept percolated, and Cook ended up studying it extra deeply for his thesis. From that analysis, got here the discovery that leadership comes from worry of God.

Cook expanded those ideas into what turned “Leading from the Foundation Up.” He wrote it with Parker, his doctoral supervisor, and so they discovered a publisher in Reformation Heritage Books.

He has implemented the ideas into the ministry at Calvary Baptist Church, to assist build management regionally.

“There was simply the hope that when my children are adults, they’ll be led by good and virtuous individuals, and seeing the distinction that may make and the flourishing for everyone,” he said.

“Leading from the Foundation Up” is on the market now.





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